YeomanNet web access uses the latest technology to give you the ability to view and edit your systems.

Key features:

  • Secure login, SSL encryption and certification ensure that your data privacy is not compromised.
  • Keyholder Editing.
  • Visibility of all system details.
  • Real-time viewing of event logs.
  • On-demand reporting.
  • Simple one-page record editing.

YeomanNet Mobile

Perform key engineering functions from any web-enabled mobile phone or PDA. Designed to be simple to use, engineer access provides the ability to select site records, view key site status information, put jobs on and off test, perform remote resets, view signal history and perform Redcare reverse channel commands.

Utilising wireless internet protocols to ensure efficient data transmission between the phone and the server, this minimises data costs and provides a fast and efficient service to engineers.

Fire Desk

Fire Desk is a DTMF-based telephone system that allows end users to perform fire alarm testing from a standard telephone. By pressing the numbered keys on their phone they can perform all the functions needed to test a fire alarm system and check the signals received at the alarm monitoring centre.

Fire Desk provides the following features:

  • Place Fire Alarm systems on and off test.
  • Replay signalling history.