Intruder Alarm

Intruder Alarm Monitoring using all the technologies available to installers, with a police response or keyholder contact only. Digital Communicator, IP, GPRS, monitored single path and dual path signalling methods.

Digital Communicator

Digital Communicator monitoring utilising fast format or extended formats such as Point ID and SIA, as well as monitoring of regular test signals to monitor the integrity of the telephone line. Often the most cost effective route to remote monitoring.

IP Signalling

IP signalling as single path or part of a dual path system. Yeoman use the most popular systems from across the industry. Although IP is the most recent of the signalling technologies, the industry is seeing an increasing uptake.

Mobile Data Network Systems

Systems using data networks provided by mobile phone networks. These systems most commonly use GPRS data networks although some dual path systems use SMS.

Single path Monitored systems

Single path monitored systems offer enhanced communication path security without the addition of a secondary method of sending alarms. Using either mobile data networks, telephone lines or broadband, these systems are used where an additional transmission path is unavailable or where cost is a consideration.

Dual Path systems

Dual Path Systems complying with all the latest standards and technological advances. Using a combination of mobile data networks, telephone lines or broadband, these systems provide the most secure means of sending an alarm signal to the Alarm Receiving Centre.

Fire Alarm

Monitoring of Fire Alarms via secure signalling methods as used for intruder alarms. Yeoman can provide alarms from Fire Alarm Systems with an Emergency Service response or a keyholder response. With Fire and Rescue services revising their policies relating to responding to Automatic Fire Alarms, you should always check on the response available to your systems with the appropriate F&RS.


CCTV systems generating alarms or being used as confirmation. Almost all new monitored CCTV systems now use IP via fixed lined broadband. As a result, the quality of received images is far superior to those of years gone by where data was transmitted via PSTN or ISDN.

Lift and Plant Monitoring

Lift Monitoring carried out via electronic communication or by a voice call from a lift car. Yeoman offers an extensive range of options for monitoring lifts and other assets.

Call Handling

Managing your out of hours calls from your customers. Dispatching engineers and giving customer advice when you are not available.