Yeoman Monitoring Services was established as an Alarm Receiving Centre in 1987 and was created with the specific intention to cater for the requirements of quality installers. From our very beginning we set ourselves high targets regarding customer service levels, especially in the areas of telephone answering and alarm response times. Starting with the philosophy that the number one criterion for alarm signal monitoring was of course speed and accuracy of operator actions. This objective seems to have hit the right spot as customer growth and retention speaks for itself.

Based on our ability to provide high standards of service, we rapidly expanded in size and stature soon becoming the choice of many small, medium and large installers throughout the United Kingdom. Over the years we have grown along with many of our customers, in what is now a mature industry where we have all benefited from our close working relationships.

We have a history of working closely with smaller installers, start-up companies and companies who are long established but are making their first moves into the world of monitoring. With our long history in the monitoring industry we are well placed to offer advice and expertise where needed. Many of our customers have grown from a handful of systems to tens, hundreds and even thousands of connections and we have assisted them with that development over the last 25 years or so.

The raft of industry experience is not confined to our own operation as for many years we have been actively involved at a senior level with our industry trade associations, standards committees and inspectorate. We believe this experience ideally places us at the forefront when implementing new standards and policies, enabling us to assist our clients through the wide range of changes that constantly occur within the industry.

Using a combination of modern technology and the irreplaceable asset of skilled, long serving staff we offer a tailored service to suit your needs. Being a medium sized company, we are built on solid foundations and well-practised procedures but are still able to offer a personal service to each of our customers. Our company's record for high staff retention is second to none and encourages long standing relationships and familiarity with our customers. Naturally this means we get to know how you like to run your business, the way you like things to work and what you expect from us. This enables our staff to do that bit more for you by going the extra mile when needed.

Although quality comes at a price, we believe our service provides good value for money and in turn value for your customers. This partnership encourages your clients to remain loyal to you, adding longer term value for you. We pride ourselves on our promise that with Yeoman there are no hidden costs. Of course should you require an individual bespoke monitoring arrangement our operation is as versatile as any.

We cater for all of the major signalling technologies so whatever your preference we can provide the solution. Whether it is a Grade 4 emergency response system, a key holder only system or maybe something out of the ordinary, we have the technology.

We are business partners with all the names that are synonymous with our industry, CSL DualCom, Emizon, Redcare, WebWayOne to name a few. We routinely monitor Fire Alarms, Lift Alarms, Plant Alarms as well as Security Systems. Call handling and engineer dispatch are on offer, as well as remote access to enable you to view and report on your system logs and data when you want without the need to call us. Automated fire alarm testing and engineering access are available to give you more control over your customers. We employ all the latest technology that enables you to work from your desk, home or even your smartphone.